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Anthony Mizzi

Video Artist

A Maltese/Icelandic national, Anthony was born in Malta where he became involved with theatre and video from a young age having produced his own monologues and films as early as fourteen. Anthony went on to study Liberal Arts at King’s College London where he earned a first class merit on his thesis on the history of ideas. Since then Anthony has developed his repertoire as a storyteller and visual artist having gone on to produce films and concepts for international franchises, fashion designers, creative agencies, musicals, governmental and non-governmental bodies as well as his own original work. Notably, in 2019 Anthony premiered his first documentary for UNHCR on World Refugee Day at the Valletta Film Festival. In 2021 he was a semi-finalist on the televised Social Impact Awards in which he pitched a documentary on a human trafficking story with The Cross Cultural International Foundation and in the same year he founded Blank Canvas with two other partners, Angelique Muller and Andrew Randon. With particular interest in cultural identity and a background in history, Anthony has developed an experimental style of merging traditional film methods and equipment with the endless possibilities of modern post-processing in digitization. In doing so, his work evokes a nostalgia for an idealistic future that doesn’t exist yet, if it ever will.

Anthony Mizzi
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