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Vince Vella


Vincent Vella’s writing extends to novels, plays and short stories, in both English and Maltese.

Novels: Inside the Horse (1994, 2nd edition 2021) and Slippery Steps which won a ‘Literary Award’ in the novels category from the Malta National Book Council in 2011 and has been the subject of an academic study by Professor Jopi Nyman from the University of Eastern Finland.

Short Stories: Ħadd Wara Ħadd (2007) and another collection of stories in English, Mark of Cain, (2008). A collection of stories was published in Slovene as part of the Euroman project on the occasion of Slovenia’s accession to the EU Presidency (2008), entitled Iz rok mojih prijateljev.

Drama: Vincent was three-times regional winner for Europe in the BBC World Service Radio Playwriting Competition, with Ernesto Panza (1999) which was broadcast as ‘Play of the Week’ on BBC World Service in 2000, The Pardon Beggars (2005) and Valeriana – The Titan’s Rock (2007). Vincent was among the winners in six editions of the Konkors Kitba għall-Palk, Francis Ebejer, with his collection of plays in Maltese, Bagalja Ħolm, winner of the Literary Award in the drama category of the Malta National Book Council in 2005.  Getting in the way, incorporating the three BBC winning plays was published in 2022.  A number of his plays have been staged or broadcast in Malta as well as abroad. His play Moving Mountains, (St. James Cavalier, 2018), was co-funded under the Creative Europe Programme as part of the European Showcase of Collective Plays Project.

Vincent is also the author of two books for children: Żiffa u Stejjer Oħra’ (1999), which won the Premju Letterarju in the Premju Speċjali category from the Kunsill Nazzjonali tal-Ktieb in 2000 and Donna Żukketta u Stejjer Oħra (2006).

Vincent Vella studied at the University of Malta and at the University of Exeter and has had a long career in education. He lectured in Pedagogy at the University of Malta, where he was also Director of Studies of the Foundation Studies programme. For some years he delivered lectures in the Department of English on English-language fiction by Maltese writers. Though officially retired, he continues to write and remains involved with the University on a number of programmes.

Vince Vella
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